All Saints Day 2022

The pews were full of saints at St. Francis Xavier Church in Hyannis on Tuesday for All Saints’ Day, where the fifth graders each selected a saint to portray and study about.

Chasing down a procession of saints last week on All Saints’ Day, it was hard to know where to start, an entire fifth- grade class of saints, everyone deserving an image. One young lad, Leon Kamberi, portraying Saint Leo the Great was having a tough time keeping his mitre in place in the wind. I thought I had a clean background having moved up the church steps and getting a clear roadway for the background. But of course the best moment with the wind was timed just as a passing car added a tire to the scene, a tight crop on the right saved the day, proving even when working with saints, a well planned background can still lose out to a random act of God.

Sourced here: Link to Cape Cod Times Article