Bishop da Cuhna Appoints JPII Chaplain

To the JPII Community,

I am pleased to tell you that St. John Paul II School will once again have a school chaplain assigned to meet the school’s sacramental and pastoral needs. Bishop da Cunha has assigned Rev. Lawrence Valliere, ordained just two weeks ago, to Our Lady of Victory Parish and in service to JPII as school chaplain.

Fr. Valliere spent many years teaching middle school and high school Catholic theology. He is eager to become part of our school community and his presence is a sign of hope for the upcoming school year.

Fr. Valliere writes, “As a student, then a teacher, then a student again, then a teacher again, and then a student again again, I have spent my whole life in the classroom. Please know, teaching school is my favorite thing. God has called me to the priesthood and He has graciously sent me back to school, to be with all of you, at St. John Paul II School. Thanks be to God. I will be praying for the whole school community this summer. I look forward to meeting all of you in the fall.”

In closing, I wish to thank Msgr. Steve Avila (Pastor, St. Joseph, Guardian of the Holy Family Church) and Rev. Michael Fitzpatrick (Pastor, St. Francis Xavier Church) for their steadfast support and care for our school.

Have a great summer!

Pax et bonum,

Christopher W. Keavy

School Chaplain