2023-2024 Blue & Gold Annual Fund Donors (as of 11/28/2023): Thank You for Your Critical Support!
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Blue & Gold Annual Fund Goal $170,000
$47,947.37 Total Raised 28.2%

What is the Blue & Gold Annual Fund?
The Blue & Gold Annual Fund is an essential yearly fundraising initiative that supports and advances the mission-driven programs at St. John Paul II School. Donations to the Blue & Gold Annual Fund are used to support critical areas, including enhancement of academic offerings, faculty professional development, continuation of extracurricular activities, and capitol improvements.

“We give for the past, the present, and the future of Catholic Education at St. John Paul II School.”

Why is my gift to the Blue & Gold Annual Fund important?
While tuition is the primary source of funding, the tuition fee does not cover the entire cost of St. John Paul II School education. The resources from tuition run out on approximately April 8. Gifts to the Blue & Gold Annual Fund bridge the gap between tuition fees and the actual cost of educating a student.

"JPII instilled in me the qualities needed to expand my faith, accomplish my goals, effectively study, and confidently communicate. My JPII education gave me the foundation to succeed in medical school and residency while becoming a thoughtful participant in the community along the way."

“In my experience, in over twelve years as a parent here, the outstanding services provided by the Guidance Department, are one of the best things of all! The Guidance Department at JPII is truly dedicated to the success of students both in school and beyond.”

How does my gift make an impact?
Your support provides the resources for each student to nurture their talents as they become adults of character, compassion, and conscience in the spirit of St. John Paul II.

Your gift, large or small, immediately impacts St. John Paul II School students who, in turn, make that same positive impact on their families, communities, and the Church. Your support of St. John Paul II School today is an investment in the values and vision of our future leaders. Impact Report

“The school’s dedication to strong academics, college placement, and overall experience has been exceptional, and we are grateful for the education and support our children have received.”

“The support you receive from each and every person is phenomenal. I wouldn’t be where I am today with out JPII.”

How do I make my gift?

You can donate via our secure online giving site found here or send a check to the Advancement Office, St. John Paul II School, 120 High School Rd, Hyannis, MA 02601.  

Donations to the Blue & Gold Annual Fund can be directed to specific areas of interest. Please include a note with your donation.

“At St. John Paul II School, our athletic program shapes boys and girls into
confident men and women of character.”

JPII provides a culture and environment where students can flourish in all dimensions of their growth and maturity.
2022-23 Presidentes del Fondo Anual Azul y Oro

Joe y Laurie Anastos, P '20, '22

Queridos amigos,

La madurez. Es lo que tratamos de inculcar a los alumnos a medida que crecen a lo largo de sus años en el colegio San Juan Pablo II. Es lo que vemos en nosotros mismos, también. Fundado en 1996 y 2007, el Colegio San Juan Pablo II está madurando institucionalmente, a medida que la reputación del colegio, los logros y los ex alumnos y familias graduadas se acumulan. Ya no es una escuela nueva ni especialmente joven, JPII ha logrado una posición para hacer un impacto aún más significativo en los estudiantes, las familias y la comunidad más amplia del Cabo. 

Los presidentes del Fondo Anual Blue & Gold 2021-2022, Michael '13 y Rachael '12 Doyle, han visto esto de primera mano. Como ex alumnos y hermanos mayores de estudiantes de JPII, Michael y Rachael han seguido el crecimiento de la escuela a través de sus logros y su creciente impacto. En sus palabras, "Somos de los años de fundación y nos sentimos muy orgullosos de ver a nuestra hermosa y joven escuela madurar hasta convertirse en una parte esencial del paisaje educativo del Cabo. Como ex alumnos y donantes, hemos experimentado de primera mano el impacto de la escuela en nuestras vidas personales y en nuestras profesiones. Les pedimos que se unan a nosotros para invertir en la experiencia de JPII hoy y apoyar lo que llegará a ser mañana". 

Mientras que muchas escuelas estuvieron parcial o totalmente alejadas durante los últimos dieciocho meses, los estudiantes, los miembros de la facultad y el personal de JPII lograron una educación totalmente presencial durante todo el tiempo, un beneficio que las familias no olvidarán pronto. No es de extrañar que los amigos y las familias hayan ayudado a la escuela a conseguir los mejores resultados de su historia en el Fondo Anual Azul y Oro. Su fiel generosidad al Fondo Anual Azul y Oro es la columna vertebral que permite a JPII mantener una educación privada y católica asequible y de primer nivel, y permite a la escuela abordar con confianza nuevas y sólidas iniciativas.

En este momento formativo en el crecimiento de la escuela, por favor únase a Michael, Rachael y muchos otros haciendo su donación hoy.


Christopher W. Keavy