JPII/SFXP Adopts Unified Name and Identity

Since 2013, St. John Paul II High School and St. Francis Xavier Preparatory School have operated as one school but under separate names and identities. Following a year-long process of stakeholder feedback and revision, starting July 1, the Grades Five-Twelve Catholic school will be known as St. John Paul II School.

“St. Francis Xavier Preparatory School, founded in 1996, and St. John Paul II High School, founded in 2007, each have established strong identities and reputations. When unified in 2013, we proceeded carefully to bring together each division’s strengths to the point where we truly are one school from stem to stern. Now’s the time to remove any confusion regarding separate names and also present a clean, modern name and look,” said Christopher Keavy, St. John Paul II School president.

Additionally, the school has adopted a new graphic identity to accompany the change. The new logo is based on the school’s namesake, St. John Paul II, and features a stylized depiction of the statue found at the center of campus. This statue is unique to the school, having been custom-ordered from Italy in 2006. The new look also retains the blue and gold color scheme but updated the typography to be crisp, clean, and modern.

While the athletics identity will remain Lions, students will vote on a refreshed graphics look for the Lions in the weeks ahead. A new website, school signage, and other elements will be introduced as well.

“We’re proud of the accomplishments made to date under the banners of St. Francis Xavier Preparatory School and St. John Paul II High School. God willing, students in Grades 5-12 will enjoy even greater success under our new clean name and look,” Keavy said.

St. John Paul II School serves Cape Cod, Canal region, and South Shore students in Grades 5-12. ###