JPII Students win third place awards at regional fair

Freshmen Delaney Burrell, Maggie Crofford, and Chloe Lawson competed and placed in the MA Regional V High School Science and Engineering Fair. This region includes schools from 75 towns and cities. Congratulations!
Delaney Burrell,  3rd Place Book Award Recipient
Tomato Plants Grown in Hydroponics Develop Tomatoes Faster Than Soil
Margaret Crofford and Chloe Lawson, 3rd Place Book Award Recipient
Freezing Viability on Horseshoe Crab Embryos and Gametes
These two projects and Senior Dylan Palmer’s project Turns Out the Earth is Round, were entries in the MA State Science and Engineering Fair.
This year, students presented via video.  Check-out the great job they did!