New Pick-Up/Drop-Off Pattern Announced

At St. John Paul II High School, the safety of our students is our priority.

In order for us to keep our students safe, we will implement a new drop off and pick up system for every student in every grade at JPII.

All traffic entering the high school property will enter via Pine Avenue and exit out High School Road.

There will be traffic cones placed to prevent vehicles from entering through High School Road between the hours of 7:45 A.M. to 8:10 A.M. and 2:45 P.M. to 3:15 P.M.

Those who attempt to enter through High School Road will be directed through Cross Street (front of SFXP).

During these time frames, no motor vehicles will be permitted in the circle in front of the high school.

There will be no early dismissal permitted after 2:40 P.M.

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