New Year? New Habits!

New Year’s resolutions can very quickly turn into New Year’s failures!

Perhaps the better goal is to form new habits.

New habits can be started at any time throughout the year and can take many forms.  Healthy eating or exercise, spending more time in prayer or good reading, visiting with friends and relatives are just a few examples of new habits that may enrich our lives and the lives of those around us.

Some of the keys to the forming of new habits are setting reasonable goals, finding a trigger for the new activity; that is, connecting it with something that you regularly do (right after school, get some exercise; right after dinner, do your homework).

It also helps to track your progress; make a mark on a calendar every day that you practice your new habit. Tell others that you are working on this new habit so that they can support you.

Keep it up for a month and the new habit will be yours!

Remember to reward yourself for your success!