Co-Curricular Activities

Clubs at the Preparatory Division recognize the developmental level of its students and our program are geared to the growth and development of early adolescents.

Numerous programs assist our students to discover and expand on areas of interest; middle school years are ones of discovery. By providing a variety of programs, we assist young people in discovering who they are and where their interest may lie.

St. John Paul II School takes pride in offering its students a rich array of after-school, extracurricular, and co-curricular programs.

Cultural Enrichment

Our active Home and School Association sponsors all of our cultural enrichment activities at the school. We are proud of the fact that we offer one outside performing group nearly every month.

Our enrichment programs provide our students with an opportunity to appreciate the aesthetic dimensions of learning and to develop an appreciation for the diverse community of others. Without question, ours is an increasingly multicultural world; it becomes our responsibility to assist our students in knowing, understanding, and appreciating that world.

Recent enrichment program offerings:

  • Illstyle and Peace Become Your Dreams: History of Hip Hop
  • Skateboard Science
  • Rainforest Animals
  • Taiko Thunder Odaiko New England
  • Exploring Klezmer: Ashkenazi Music and Song
  • Wongai Rythyms of West Africa
  • Veronica Rubles
  • Karim Nagi 
  • African Drummers and Dancers
  • Leland Faulkner
  • Magic of Learning
  • Rob Surette
  • Earth View
  • Urbanity Dance
  • Detective Connolly
  • Grooversity,  Brazilian Beats
  • Afro-Brazilian Ensemble
  • Chinese Acrobats
  • Handel & Hayden Society
  • Amazing Animal Ambassadors
  • Roots Music Collective
  • Shark Show
  • Lem Sheppard: Dancing Man
  • Abe Lincoln
  • Native Pride Dancer Larry Yazzie
  • Improv Boston Anti-bullying
  • Illstyle and Peace
  • Joe Odhiambo
  • Behind the Mask (The Woman Who Outshone the Sun)
  • Barynya
  • Reverse Order
  • Chhandika
  • MythMasters
  • Poetry in Motion
  • Ooch – Yo-Yo and Science
  • Tanglewood Marionettes – Perseus and Medusa
  • Taiko Japanese Drummers
  • Jenney Museum
  • JPII Select Concert Choir
  • Magic of Physics Show
  • Chinese Acrobats
  • Jackson Gillman the Clown of God
  • Rainforest Reptile Show, Bethany Boucher
  • Astronaut Dan Burbank
  • Lem Sheppard: Native Pride
  • Shakespeare Guyz
  • Ten Hours Until Dawn – Michael Tougias
  • Handel & Hadyn Society

Field Trips

Part of learning is extended learning, enhanced opportunities for students to participate first-hand in what the textbook can only show and tell about. At St. John Paul II School we make a major commitment to providing our students with valuable co-curricular field trip experiences.