"Love one another...as I have loved you." -John 13:34-35


Students volunteer at nursing homes, coach and facilitate at Special Olympics, tutor at elementary schools, or serve as youth coaches or leaders.

The Christian Service Program helps students see and meet the needs of others as Jesus has taught us. 


  • 家庭堂区的祭坛服务和朗读者 
  • 美国癌症协会
  • 动物救助联盟
  • 地区养老院
  • 整个海角的海滩清洁项目
  • 鳕鱼角儿童博物馆
  • 基督教儿童与老年人基金会
  • 海岸扫荡
  • 达纳法伯癌症研究中心
  • 丹尼斯消防队
  • 丹尼斯公共图书馆
  • 法尔茅斯公路赛
  • 法尔茅斯服务中心
  • 洪都拉斯方济各会传教团
  • 人类栖息地
  • Hyannis Elks Lodge
  • 海军陆战队 "玩具换玩具 "活动/"东西换巴士 "活动


Through serving others, students learn about themselves, the needs of others, and their ability to make the world a better place.

During your Freshman year, students participate in two (2) service experiences led by a member of the faculty or staff.

During your Sophomore year, students participate in four (4) service experiences led by a member of the faculty or staff. 

During your Junior year, students participate in Community Service to the marginalized.  Students are encouraged to find a social justice issue that they would like to explore further in their Senior Social Justice Advocacy Project.

During your Senior year, students will participate in a social justice advocacy effort and will culminate the experience by presenting their finished project at the Social Justice Fair in December.