Zoe Guo Places 3rd in National Junior High Decathlon

Zoe Guo, placed third in the nation for math in the National Junior High Decathlon. Mrs. Scheffler sponsored the event for the Preparatory Division students.  The decathlon took place in 2 phases, the first in an independent league with schools too far apart from each other to compete in person within an archdiocese. In that league, JPII had four students place in the top ten;

  • 6th grader, Ben Koslowsky in 6th place for Current Events
  • 8th grader, Michael Maynard in 7th place for English
  • 8th graders, Jamison Ballou and Zoe Guo, in first place for Literature and Math, respectively

Jamison and Zoe were invited to go on to compete in the national competition against all other competing dioceses. Zoe is one of only two students outside of the California dioceses to place in the nationals, winning third place in math. Congratulations to all students who rose to the challenge for JPII’s first year of participating.